How to Interview Like a Boss

Today’s job hunting landscape has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with the advent of the “internet”.  Even the most experienced interviewers are not only finding it hard to land that dream job, they are finding it almost impossible to get in front of anyone who can make hiring decisions.  So How do you get your resume to stand out among the hundreds if not thousands of resumes hiring managers have to sift through daily?  How do you know who to send it to? How do you know how or when to follow up?  What do you say once you have already got the interview .  Well you might be surprised when I tell you that despite the internet not much has changed.  If you incorporate these 5 Suggestions into your daily Career sleuthing routine you will be “Interviewing Like a Boss” in no time.

  • Old fashioned is the New fashion.  Showing up in person much like we did before the computer was invented is still a good idea only AFTER you have submitted your resume online  Make sure you bring a printed copy of your resume and let them know you just wanted to put a “Face with a Resume” Donuts or cookies attached with your resume are always a good idea and will get everyone in the office talking about your “resume”
  • Look the Part. Pay careful attention to how the employees dress and try to emulate their dress code, Sometimes a suit and tie makes you come off as arrogant or “Over Qualified” or in some instances a suit a tie is exactly what you need either way the associates who have already landed the job are a good compass.
  • Bring past awards and Evaluations.   This is a good reason why you should keep every reward you receive, managers love to see proven track records and in the thousands of interviews I have performed only a handful brought documentation to back up their Performance coincidentally I hired each and everyone.
  • Stay away from Cliche’s.   Avoid certain phrases like the plague, they only make you look generic and sound like rehearsed or canned responses. Some examples are. “I’m a people person”  if that is the case just show it.  “I am a hard worker” It’s results managers are looking for not a how hard or how little you work.  ” I always show up on time”.  Well you better or you will be showing up at the unemployment line right away.
  • Discuss exactly how you can help the business.  Do a little research on your prospective new company if possible demonstrate how you personally can help the company meet or exceed certain goals. Before the interview call someone already employed with your target company and ask what the biggest challenges are and what top talent does to meet these challenges, You don’t have to tell them who you are you can simply tell them you are writing an essay on this particular companies skill sets.  With this method you will gain the interviewers attention because you will be speaking His/Her language and catering to his/her’s specific requirements , remember most employers are hiring to fill a specific need and to accomplish certain goals by showing them you can accomplish these goals you will be viewed as an asset rather than another interviewee.

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